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Deity Concepts
                            Deity Concepts:
Without deities,there would be no religions of any kind. From the basis of your new tradition,Deity concepts. Research with also provide assistance,
    Worship is the heart of any religion,and it's important to firm your conceptions of the Goddess and God.
                            The Goddess:
She's all power, all wisdom, all love, all fertility, all creativity; the naturturing as well as destructive force, Who created our Universe and Who shapes our lives.
Here are some clues to determining Her nature:
      a.) Goddess of outer space
      b.) Goddess of the stars
      c.) Goddess of the galaxies
      d,) Goddess of the Universe
       e.) Goddess of the Moon
      f.) Goddess of the Waxing Moon
     g.) Goddess of the Full Moon
     h.) Goddess of the Waning Moon
     i.) Goddess of the Earth
    j.) Goddess of Earth fertility
    k.) Goddess of the animals
    l.) Goddess of storms,earthshakes
    m.) Goddess of gentle rain,lakes
    n.) Goddess of freashness,renewal
    o.) Goddess of childbirth
    p.) Goddess of love,beauty
    q.) Goddess of healing,prophecy
Crafters may argue that the Goddess does,indeed, have plans for us and that She can set up situations that gently remind us of our lessons, or that will sway us to make correct decisions in time of stress.
    As the Goddess of healing, love, beauty, compassion, and prophecy, She's worshiped by nearly all Crafters.
    One word of warning; if you've already developed a clear picture of the Goddess and have already determined Her aspects, Don't let the above alter this. Hold fast to what you discovered, it's of the highest rarity and value.
    Here are some suggested symbols of the types of Goddess listed above to be used in ritual design, poems, chants, and invocations:
         a.) Darkness, black cloth,starts at night, the void, cauldron, nocturnal flower and owls.
         b.) crescent, pearls, moonstone, mirror, silver, labrys.
         c.) fruit, plants, cats, dogs, dolphins, lions, horses.
         d.) unplowed fields, eggs, spring, Now Moon
         e.) Full Moon, holding stones, baby
         f.) mirrors, hearts, flowers, honey
         g.) purify water, power-streaming hands
         h.) magical tools, fire
         i.) fire, books, owls, Waning Moon
         j.) Retribution, war- Not, doesn't do this

                            The God:
For without Him our world would be cold, desolate of fertility and all life.
Here are some attributes of the God in the Craft thought:
         a.) God of the Sun
         b.) God of human fertility(sex)
         c.) God of the Earth
         d.) God of the wild animals
         e.) God of crops
         f.) God of the deserts,plains,valleys
         g.) God of Summer
         h.) God of hunting
         i.) God of death and rebirth
         j.) God of retribution, war, and conflict
The Goddess appears to be more loving, more understanding, and care than the God. The God, through no fault of His own, may appear to be unapproched except in the Craft rituals and even then formalized prayers are necessary.
    One understanding reasons for this problem isn't difficult to discover, the God has been given a bad name by 2,00 years of patriarchal hyperbole that has strayed far off the path that Jesus allegedly once preached. Religious institutions have transformed the male conception of Deity into a wrathful being whose followers have wiped out entire civilization and destroyed hundreds of cultures. A God in whose name millions of people have killed in Holy wars; a God whose representatives have repeatedly started that Deity is not female and that Deity is not female and that woman cannot possibly achieve a rapport with the Divine to the extent that they should be allowed to be priest; a male Deity ruling over a male-oriented world in which men have long use religion as an excuse to dominate, subdue, and abuse woman.
    We know him only as the God of vengeance and war. True, this god is nice to his worshipers but any who don't worship him or who don't limit their worship to Hom, are doomed to spend eternity in a pit of fire and torture, with no hope of another life or escape.
    It isn't surprising that, many Crafters don't feel comfortable with the Craft concept of God, at least during thier first ventures into the Craft.
    Some crafters eventually adjust and have no difficulty in worshipping both the Goddess and the God in the Craft ritual.
    To be old-fashioned, traditional  Craft, your rites should honor both. This many necessitate rediscovering the God by expanding your awareness of His presence and of His attributes.
         a.) do you see the God as woman-hating?
         b.) do you see the God as bringer of death?
         c.) do you see the God as a judge,as the caster-down of human souls into hell?( crafters don't accept the existence of hell)
         d.) do you see the God as a frightening, unknowledgeable spirit hovering around the Earth?

Here  are some Crafters visualization of the God:
          a.) God of the Sun: Sun,gold, brass, bonfires,candles
         b.) God of the human fertility: Acorns, pine cones, wands
         c.) God of Earth: Grain, stones,vally
         d.) god of Summer: Blazing fires, daylight
         e.) God of death and rebirth: Sunset, winter
The God is just as much a part of contemporary Paganism as is the Goddess. He isn't fear some unless you decide to force on his fearsome attributes. He can be the epitome of compassion, caring. Nurturing maleness but only you can discover this.