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Book of Shadows
         The sacred Book of Shadows the one you only let those you trust in perfect love to really see but unlike me I like to share my things with others so they themes self may learn how to make one.

   The items to start out with if money is tight is a 5 ring spiral notebook that you can keep notes and other information in. I started with a big tri-star book and now have 5 books in total. Choose an ink pen that will be used for you book and ONLY for you book that way if someone else uses it for something totally different the special power of that pen will effect your writing. I know it happened to me and it wasn't very good I had to go get a new pen right away.
     You need to divide the book into sections for different items.
           How to begin, On top of paper write the following in large letters:
    a.) Deity Concepts
    b.) Tools, Altars, , Dress jewelry
    c.) Rituals
    d.) Beliefs
    e.) Rules
    f.) Symbols and Runes