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Spells and Charms
There are many types of initiations. Some are performed in a circle with others. Some are performed alone. Still others are never performed, but occur spontaneously within a Craft student's life.
An initiation into a coven and thus into Wicca) is effective only if initiator and candidate are in perfect harmony, working within a mutually satisfactory Wiccan system or tradition.
Any initiation isn't better than no initiation, if its performed for the wrong reason ( egotism and power  over others) by the wrong presenter by the wrong coven. The rite itself isn't as important as its impact on the candidate and the spirit in which it's performed.
Physical initiation isn't necessary to practice the Craft, it is a ritual statement of one's allegiance to the Coven and Craft, initiate can,from that day forward, clearly claim that they're Wiccan, for they have memories of a specific dates that ceremonially began this kinship.
You have the right to perform a self initiation. No one can take this right from you.
Before self--initiation, consider whether you've gained enough Craft experience to enter the Craft. One can't become a witch or warlock over night.
Period of self-training and experience is absolutely vital and yes, you'll learn the uses of tools;the meaning of the Sabbath and the casting of the circle-also be meeting the Goddess and the God.
' During a self-initiation, the Goddess and God pass power to the candidate, Solitary don't belong to covens'
Self-initiation is largely what you make it,but for most satisfying results every such ritual should include the following steps  which is follows is the barest ritual outline, candle and charcoal burning was left out)
    a.) Purification bath
    b.) laying of the altar
    c.) casting a circle
    d.) Opening invocations to the Goddess and God.
    e.) Symbolic death of your old,non-Craft self.
    f.) Pray anew to the Goddess and God,dedicating yourself to them.
State that you're now in the Craft. If you've chosen a magical name saying it aloud. ' I(magical name) am now a Witch/Warlord.
    g.) Relax in the circle for a few minutes, watch the candle's flames.
Self--initiation is an important ritual and isn't to be under gone lightly. The person should be ready for both spiritual and physical changes following this rite. After all, once you've undergone a self- initiation, you are no longer just a student; you're a person of the Craft-one of the few remaining humans who've decided to step past the veil of the materially-based world. You're now one of those who repeats the Earth;who pour wine into sacred cups by candlelight surrounded by incense smoke;who communes with the Goddess and God in private meditation;who joyfully uses magick as a tool of positive change,
Performed for positive resons,at the appropriate timeline the proper state of mind.