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Tools of Learning
           Days of Week/Plantetary :
    Ruled by the Moon. The colors are silver, gray, cream, and white. It rules your emotions, protection, healing, woman's mysteries.

    Ruled by the Mars. The colors are red of all shades and it rules your power over enemies and conqueror.

    Ruled by Mercury and the color is yellow which rules your healing of mental.
    Ruled by Jupiter and the colors are purple and blue which rules our growth, expansion, generosity.

    Ruled by Venus whose colors are green, pink, pastels for your lovers and pleasure, affairs of the heart.

    Ruled by Saturn by who's color is black, dark purples and blues. Your obstacles, to give or break, to overcome a block.

   Ruled by the Sun who's color is orange, yellow, and gold. It rules your health, prosperity, leadership, joy, and protection.

                            Astral Colors:
Zodiac sign:            Date of Birth:        Primary  and  Second
Aquarius             Jan Jan 20 - Feb. 18 18           Blue               Green
Pisces                  Feb. 19- Mar 19         White              Pink
Aries                    Mar 21- APR 19        White              Pink        
Taurus                 Apr.20- May 20       Red                 Yellow
Gemini                 May 21 - June 21      Red                Blue Cancer                     June- July 22           green           brown
Leo                    July 23 - Aug.          red               green
Virgo                 Aug. 23 - Sept.         gold             black
Libra                 Sept. 23 - Oct.          black            blue
Scorpio             Oct. 23-   Nov. 21       brown           black
Sagittarius       Nov. 22- Dec.21             gold              red
         Capricorn           Dec.23- Jan. 19            red                brown