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                       Rituals and Beliefs:
will certainly be an important part of your new tradition. All craft rituals should include the following:
         a.) Purification of self(bath)
         b.) Purification of space and clean area)
         c.) Creation of Sacred Space ( including altar)
         d.) Invocation and pray to Goddess and God)
         e.) Ritual observance or raising of energy
         f.) Earthing the power and eat crackers,drinking wine)
         g.) Thanking the Goddess and God ( word or writings)
         h.) Breaking the circle and cut circle and draw energy back)
Rituals observances certainly aren't necessary during every single craft ritual and neither is energy-raising(magick) They're done when appropriate. However, the remaining ritual aspects are vitally necessary if your tradition's rituals are to be Wiccan.
    Any craft ritual held at any time other than a Sabbath is an Esbat. Full Moon rituals are Esbats, Some traditions hold circles on the Full Moon.