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A Simple Rite
    A Simple Rite is the easiest to do with little items needed.
         first you do need to take a purification bath and clear your mind of the days activities and negative thoughts.  The following are items that you do  Need to have though.
    A candle any color that your  inner self likes, it can be scented if you like
   A soft smelling incense I like to use Sandalwood or a musk
   1 cup of pure salt to add to your bath water
    Say a simple prayer to the Gods and Goddess to help with releasing the tension and stress of the day

While drawing your bath water have the candle lit and the incense going, while adding the salt slowly to the water think of a pure blueish white light covering the water and slowly enter the water letting the smells linger in into the water and room never letting go of the light that is slowly covering your body so  as you enter the water. Starting from the feet and working upwards releasing the negative feelings that the day has put on you.
 While soaking slowly breathe in the smells and visualize the tension leaving from your feet and working upwards to your mind and relaxing at the same time with out falling asleep.
After soaking if you have a shower also turn it on and wash way the stress and tension from your head down and visualizing it going down the drain.
If no shower you can still do it by while letting the tub water out take a cup and pour the water from head to feet and seeing the stress going down the drain.
  Thank the Gods and Goddess for helping you and then dry self off.  
 Now you are ready to either do a rite or just to listen to soft music and read a book.